Pandemic has left a lot of peoples jobless. Most of the peoples are not receiving salaries and some peoples are getting pay cuts. But there are some jobs which are not affected by the pandemic and in this article, we are going to talk about that jobs. 

IT administrator :

 As we all know the IT sector is very dynamic as it gets to the fever of job applicants. All though there is high demand for new employees in the industry. As an IT administrator, your salary package starts from 75K USD. 

Digital Marketer:

Businesses have thrived because of the internet in the last couple of years. Because digital marketing is an essential part of their operation. A digital marketer can earn from 45k USD to 95K USD depending on the skill set and the experience level. 

Graphic Designer:

Graphic designers play a vital role in driving consumer engagement. Graphic designers are plays important role in social media optimization and website optimization. The average income of a graphic designer is 40K USD to 80K USD. 

Data Analyst:

Data is another sector there is significant growth in the last couple of years. Data analyst job profiles typically include analyzing large data and structuring them for executives. The average salary of the data analyst is 52K USD. 

Health Sector:

The Healthcare sector is one of the most evolving sectors in the present. The average salary for radiation therapist, dental hygienist, and others range in the bracket of 75K USD to 110K USD. 

Extra Tips:

To get your dream job you need to clear the interview. Not an offline interview an online interview. So to help you keep prepare for it you have to keep the following points in your mind. 

  • Research the company 
  • Get interview questions related to your job profile and make preparation. 
  • Keep all your documents handy 
  • Keep background noise-free for the interview 
  • Check your internet connection before the interview. 
  • And last but not least be confident

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