Nowadays certifications are essential to get a good job in any industry as reputed online certification providers we are going to share the top five certifications to get a high-paying job in 2021. 

top 5 certification in 2021

Data Science:

Data science is the field that combines scientific methods to extract knowledge from structured and unstructured data. You can complete your data science certification at prime bit solutions. You can learn data science, python, SQL, analyse and visualize data by applying data science courses at prime bit solutions. The average salary for data scientists in India is 18 lakh rupees per annum. 

Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing is the process of advertising brands, products, and services using digital mediums. Digital marketing has tremendous growth. You can pursue digital marketing certification at prime bit solutions. Prime bit solutions is best place to learn SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Optimisation, and other digital marketing skills. Join digital marketing course online now. A digital marketing manager can earn up to 16 lakh rupees per annum in India. 

AI and Machine Learning:

AI is the intelligence demonstrated by machines. Machine learning refers to the study of computer algorithms that helps systems to learn based on existing experiences. You can learn AI at prime bit solutions. You can learn python, machine learning, deep learning networks, NLP, etc. AI and Machine learning professionals can earn up to 20 Lakh rupees per annum with the right certification.

Cloud Computing:

It’s the process of delivering computing services with several different services over the internet. You can pick up your cloud computing certification online through prime-bit solutions. At prime bit solutions, you can complete certifications like Amazon web services, Azure, DevOps. You can earn up to 14 lakh rupees per annum in India with the right certification. 

Cyber Security:

Cybersecurity is defined as a process of defending electronic systems and other forms of electronic technologies from malicious attacks. Certification helps to boost your carrier in cyber security. There are lots of ethical hacking and cybersecurity courses available online. You can choose courses at your convenience. 

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